Storm on the 12th February

Anybody living on the Fylde will not need to be told that we had one of the strongest storms to hit the area overnight on the 12th February.

It will be no surprise that the the Club suffered some damage given the direction of the storm. The fence between the Car Park and the Bowling Green has been largely destroyed with the concrete posts left standing. The solid area will be rebuilt with gaps to allow wind passage and the other pieces probably fixed on the west side of the posts so that wind will force them against the posts.

We have also lost further slates from the roof and Council will now have to consider whether a larger effort is necessary to fix these and to what extent a claim is made on insurance.

Besides this the green even suffered some damage from the unexpected arrival of much of someone’s flat roof which cut into the area usually favoured by worms. Thanks to Joe Cross and Steve Denny for reviving the debris so quickly.