Latest Roof News

I would like to bring members up to date with news on the roof project.

Following the EGM all members were contacted on the basis of making small loans without interest as concluded at the meeting. After two weeks, the response had reached half the amount needed but had clearly stalled.

Council met and decided that members should have some recompense for the loans and decided that compensation for interest in the form of a reduction in the annual subscription should be offered to members.

Following this the response has been much better and we have now just about reached our initial target.

We have a suitable quotation from our roofing contractor to cover the roof and remove the central chimney, and are currently looking at the total reconstruction of the roof in a new thin edged tile that closely resembles a slate roof. This would allow us to sell of many of the undamaged slates.

The project is likely to be carried out in August/September.

At this time we are looking into ways of restoring the rear wall of the Club, where the rendering is failing at the same time taking advantage of the scaffolding.