Seniors Day

Seniors Day took place on Tuesday 19th August with a 13 members taking part, a considerable improvement on recent years.

This led to strong competition in all three events. The Bowls was won by Eddie Oates who beat John Hill 16:8 in the final.
Brian Pither won the snooker over Rod Sugden, while Brian Hurt, a new member beat the Secretary in the final.

All members were grateful to President John Sharples for providing chocolates and a free raffle with useful prizes such as Bus Pass renewal forms and help with zimmer frame selection.

Seniors Day moved to Tuesday 19th August

I have just sent the following email to all members on the email list and will put up an appropriate notice on the board

Most of you will know this is the most difficult of our club events to plan, mainly the problem of getting enough members 60 and over to take part

We set it for Wednesday 13th August when filling out the annual calendar but I am planning to change that to a week later on
Tuesday 19th August
There are several reasons
1. A lot of prospective participants already take part in bowls and snooker on Tuesday afternoons giving a core group to start with.
2. There are no bowls league matches on either the 19th or 20th August with both FABA and Welcome leagues finishing the week before
3 On the 13th August there is a welcome league game that evening
So 60s and over  please take part on the 19th
Draws made at 2pm for all present
no organised food

President’s Day

I think the best summary of President’s Day is to use the President’s own words

Just a quick summary of President’s Day:-

Lovely day all round.
Good weather – too good really, we should get A/C for the bowling green.
Well attended – 25 including VP’s son and Roy Champkin’s son.
Good food (as always) including two salmon on a bed of blue rice.
Bowling green up to its usual high standard.
Competition results:-
Bowls winner Eddie Nicholas
Bowls runner up Doug Shearer
Snooker winner Jack Booth
Snooker runner up Chris Denny
Dominoes winner also Chris Denny
Dominoes runner up me – horray!
Finished a bit late – as usia
Big thanks to those who did help to clear up.

Tony Lee

I am sorry to tell you of the recent death of Tony Lee.

Tony, a Blackpool Councillor,  was only a member a few short months and I feel did not get the chance to get to know many people before his final illness