A Very Pleasant Evening

Thursday’s Great Britain Night event was attended by
twenty four members with activities starting at half past seven and continuing, as is usually the case with this
type of event, well past the intended finish time and terminating with the nail-biting fives and threes dominoes final just before midnight.

The evening was organised by the Social Committee with Peter Twigg putting in a good performance as the Master
Of Ceremonies – and as School Master to boot. 

A light buffet was provided by Peter Mitcham with additional pastries being provided gratis by Rod Sugden. In both cases I understand the gentlemen may have taken the credit for the labours of their respective ladies.

The requirement to bring along ‘something typically British’ was amply met, examples being an old ‘National Registration Identity Card’, a traditional teapot, a splendid Union Flag shirt & socks combination, a Guards’ bearskin, several literary items, a St George’s medallion, an illuminated St George’s Flag cap – the list goes on.
However, the winner of the best ‘item’ was John Bennett’s Boy Scout outfit, awarded for its detailed content, its relevance and John’s bravery in wearing it.

The three competitions were added to by Rod’s ‘Find The Twins’ game involving lots of similar pictures – none of which, by the way, came close to resembling the real twins Ray and Terry – both of whom were present on the night. 
The winner of that game was Peter Mitcham.
The other competitions were won as follows:-
Table Bowls               Steve Denny
Fives And Threes       Joe Cross
Billiards                     John Sharples (horray)
There was also a British themed quiz running during the evening and the winner of that was Barry Cartmell.

Although it went on rather late, I think a good time was had by all – and a big ‘Thank You’ goes to everyone who helped before, during and after the event.

I hope all those who attended will recover sufficiently to come along to next Friday’s exciting AGM.