Presentation night part 2

A presentation night that offered as many burgers as you could eat, followed by ice cream was bound to appeal to a few! It obviously appealed to more than a few as the number of members present on the night showed an increased  on previous years.

The club president, Rod Sugden, welcomed everybody at the start of the evening, he went on to thank all those present for coming along to his first official engagement since taking office.

As can be seen from the photographs below the recipients of the trophies were happy to be presented with their silverware by the president.

The presentation of the trophies did not take up a huge amount of the evening which left members time to enjoy a social evening, some made use of the snooker tables, some played in the very enjoyable dominoes games that take place on Friday evenings.

As the evening came to a close the consensus of opinion around the club was that a new trophy should be commissioned and awarded on a ad hoc basis to the member who consumes the most on the “as many as you can eat” evenings.

President Rod Sugden welcomes members