Trip to Cartmel Races

Following the frustration experienced earlier in the summer trying to arrange trips to Haydock Park (which became a race night plus concert at a ridiculous price) and Chester (where they sold out all the tickets in the Long Room), I am pleased to announce that there is finally somewhere for us to go where nothing can stand in our way!
I have arranged a table at Cartmel Races on Bank Holiday Monday 29 August. I do realise that for some, this may be a family day, but for those of you that can make it, I would urge you to do so, as it is a superb day out.
The cost per person is £45.00, for which we get the following:
  • Entry to the racecourse
  • Complimentary race card
  • A superb hot/cold buffet lunch of the very highest quality
  • Afternoon tea/coffee and cakes.
  • A bottle of Prosecco for every four persons.
The table is ours for the day and the restaurant is just a very short walk from the finish line and where the bookmakers set up their stalls. Everything we are likely to need is close at hand.
I will also be organising some transport, which I would estimate will cost in the region of £15-20 per person.
I am not actually limited as to numbers, so if you are able to come and would like to bring a guest, please feel free to do so.
I will be putting a notice up on the board, but I would prefer it if members confirm their booking to me directly.
It really will be a great day out and I hope you can make it. Pick one winner and the whole day is paid for!
Kind regards,