Presidents Day 2023

Well Mr President. What a great Presidents day that was. Everyone enjoyed a sunny afternoon and evening after a morning that looked as though it might rain on Peters big day. So it was in bright sunshine, which was to last for the rest of the day, we embarked on a friendly and enjoyable few hours.

The photo shows , not as you might think, Sid and Eddie but President Peter and eventual winner of both snooker and bowls titles Mark Broughton. President swept away the competition to win a rowdy but good tempered dominoes event. It is not thought that he received any divine intervention. Sid and Eddie…..sorry Peter and Mark are standing in front of a magnificent spread of salmon, tasty chicken drumsticks and all the trimmings all provided by Peter Twigg. Well done Peter, a delicious start to the day followed later on by some very tasty apple pie.

Snooker and bowls then took a bit of a back seat while everyone devoured the tasty offerings washed down by a beer from the bar. By this time all competitors but especially Brian Hurt felt more like a lie down and a snooze rather than embarking on two closely fought gladiatorial spectacles!!

Most Bowls matches passed without too much excitement but the semi finals were closely matched affairs. Mark was up against Peter Hulme the fought valiantly and gave mark a run for his money. Peter Twigg took on Wednesday night team captain Brian Hurt. The match swung one way and another with Brian winning - just - to go through to meet Mark in the final. Brian came back from 7-14 down to lead 20-17, but then managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Well done Mark for not giving up.

The Snooker moved to a fitting end with Mark coming up against an out of form Ken Harpham. Again, well done Mark for sticking in there.

Thus ended another annual Presidents day, thoroughly enjoyed by all. Many thanks President Peter and especially to all those involved in its organisation.

The Food

SALMON with new potatoes

Chicken legs

The whole Spread

Apple Pie


TEddie and Peter have fun

Peter and Gerald do battle

Secretary decides to take it easy for once

Something really important is afoot

Guess who is taking it easy. Thinks he's at Lords!!

SemiFinal 1 Peter and Mark

**Semi Final 2 ** Peter and Brian

The hard fought Final

Snooker and Dominos

Peter Looks as though he has a score to settle!

President determined to win

Snooker underway

Steady as she goes

Ken snooker finalist

Snooker final well under way

This is where the fight begins

St. Annes District Club: 262 Clifton Drive South, St-Anne’s-on-the-Sea, Lancashire, FY8 1NE.