Xmas Draw results

Thanks to all those who entered this year, please find below a list of the prizes and winners.

No Item Ticket No Winner
1 Blackpool FC Hospitality Voucher 5645 Tom Scrafton
2 Mini Hamper 5359 Matt Lawson
3 Gift Bag “A” 5430 Matt Lawson
4 Harrods Red Wine 2170 Graham Sloan
5 Guylian Chocolates 1841 Brian Eccles
6 Pandoro 3568 Richard Germaine
7 Champagne 1639 John Palser
8 Bell’s Whisky 4585 Peter Cotton
9 Cockburn’s Port 1000 Ken Harpham
10 Fire HD 8 Tablet 949 President
11 Gift Bag “B” 4294 Tom Scrafton
12 Harrods White Wine 2734 David Hudson
13 Panettone 5534 Joe Cross
14 Thorntons Christmas Asst Chocolates 2932 Tom Scrafton
15 Champagne 4756 Rod Sugden
16 Bottle of Glen’s Vodka 4395 Adrian Bromiley
17 Grand Palais Medoc Red Wine 5825 Peter Twigg
18 Gift Bag “A” 3724 Peter Hulme
19 Book – Jeremy Clarkson 1470 Brian Hurt
20 Cinema Tickets with Popcorn Experience 2075 Andrew Wilson
21 Franciacorta 5662 Andrew Wilson
22 Pandoro 217 Neil Plummer
23 Harrods Red Wine 4379 Adrian Bromiley
24 Baileys 5421 Matt Lawson
25 Gift Bag “B” 3767 Peter Bland
26 Guylian Chocolates 803 John Bentham
27 Gordon’s Gin 1790 Peter Fielding
28 Tasting for Two Choice Voucher 1824 Brian Eccles
29 Champagne 3191 Eddie Oates
30 Harrods White Wine 1166 Andrew Wilson31 Panettone 5599 Joe Cross
32 Metaxa 5251 Fred Brown
33 Gift Bag “A” 3818 George Lees
34 Jack Daniels 4333 Eddie Nicholas
35 Bourgogne Gamay Red Wine 1766 Peter Fielding
36 Franciacorta 1040 President
37 Echo Dot Speaker with Alexa 4481 Neil Plummer
38 Book – Concorde 5922 Martin Wragg
39 Lindt Creation Dessert Chocolates 3887 George Lees
40 Pandoro 3259 Tom Scrafton
41 Gift Bag “B” 1265 Bob Davies
42 Harrods Red Wine 3008 Gerald Thompson
43 Framous Grouse Whisky 1182 Andrew Wilson
44 Champagne 5734 Rod Sugden
45 Taylor’s Port 1022 President
46 Panettone 1484 Brian Hurt
47 Tassimo Coffee Machine 4181 Andrew Wilson
48 Harrods White Wine 5783 Nigel Dempsey
49 Gift Bag “A” 2986 Peter Twigg
50 Guylian Chocolates 5410 Matt Lawson
51 Pandoro 1937 Ken Harpham
52 Champagne 1864 Tom Scrafton
53 Smirnoff Vodka 1739 Fred Brown
54 Chateau Neuf Du Pape Red Wine 1130 John Palser
55 Gift Bag “B” 4803 Tom Scrafton
56 Fundador Brandy 4052 Peter Fielding
57 Book – HM Queen Elizabeth 967 Ken Harpham
58 Italian Job Mini Cooper Ride 2915 Tom Scrafton
59 Franciacorta 4849 John Bentham
60 Thorntons Continental Asst Chocolates 605 Tom Scrafton
61 Covanegra Red Wine 1850 Brian Eccles62 Bellingham Pinotage Red Wine 1673 Mark Shortell
63 Glen Moray Single Malt 4521 Peter Cotton
64 Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 4595 Peter Cotton
65 Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 2391 Tom Scrafton
66 Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 4021 Dave Warwick
67 Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 159 Peter Fielding (*)
68 Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 4255 Tom Scrafton
69 Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 712 Mark Shortell
SWAP Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 3016 Gerald Thompson
SWAP Dandy/Beano Albums 263 Brendon Bremner
SWAP Jeremy Clarkson Book 296 Brendon Bremner
SWAP Large Oval Plate 1016 President
SWAP Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 3978 Dave Warwick
(*) This prize was redrawn at the end courtesy of Peter Fielding and was won by
Dave Warwick
The last five prizes were from the swap table, so if you see your item
listed earlier, it means that the person who won it originally swapped
it for something else. We do not keep a record of swaps during the
Special thanks are due to Peter Cotton and Ian McClay for their
generosity in donating prizes.

2022 Magic Trip

Following on from the last few years of magic shows we are organising a trip to see Rick Green Magician & Illusionist (as featured on Presidents Day this year) at the House Of Secrets magic bar in Blackpool on Saturday the 3rd of December (the show starts at 8 pm).  Tickets are £10 each (members and guests).  We need to confirm numbers by the 18th of November so please contact Neil Plummer directly if you wish to attend.

For those interested, we will also try to arrange a meal in Blackpool before the show.

Saturday Night Social

After a very successful evening last month, we will be holding another Saturday night social event. This time it will be Table Bowls and food from a local restaurant.  This event is open to members and their guests as previously and will be held on Saturday the 19th of November starting at 6:30 pm please sign up on the club noticeboard so that we have an idea of numbers.

Bowling Green Update

A huge amount of work has gone into the bowling green, the improvement is visible already so we must give thanks to those members who have put in many hours to get us to this stage.  Some members have asked for an update as to when the green will be open again and the current advice from those doing the work on the green is “The Green is closed for continuing maintenance until Thursday 1st December”.  We will provide further updates closer to the time but if the weather holds it looks like we may be able to reopen then.

Xmas Draw

This year’s Xmas draw will start on the 1st of October with tickets being available in the club and on the website. The draw itself will take place on the 16th of December at 6:30 pm, and as usual, will give those attending a chance to swap prizes won but not wanted and will include hot food for all attendees.

Bowls Dinner

The 2022 Bowls Dinner & AGM will take place on Wednesday the 19th of October 2022. The evening will start at the District Club where any bowls business will be undertaken and will then continue at Le Patio St Annes. A signup sheet and menu are now on the club noticeboard.

AGM 2022

The 2022 AGM will be held on the 2nd of December 2022 starting at 6:30 pm. Papers will be sent to members in due course. As usual, the AGM will include the investiture of the new President and the announcement of the new Vice President along with hot food for all attendees.