Notice to members

The government has agreed a limited return to the playing of bowls. It is indicated that further easing of these restriction can be hoped for shortly if these initial measures work.

We plan on the green being available from Monday 18th May under the following rules

All leagues and external competitions have been cancelled for this year. We will have to see how matters progress for the Club competitions.

1/ Members only, this is vital.

2/ Members cannot go into the Club or use the toilets.

3/ Members should only play alone, with members of your household who are Club Members, or with one other person from outside your household, while practising social distancing.

4/ You must only use your own woods, block and mat brought with you. Bring your own hand sanitizer etc. with you

5/There will be a sheet of paper and pens in a plastic sleeve under the lean-to at the side of the club. You must put the time you start, and finish, the date and the names of all playing in legible writing.

6 /A maximum of 2 blocks at any one time,

7/ One hours playing time unless there are less than 2 blocks on the green. If other members are waiting please be practical

8/ No spectators other than members waiting to play.

9/ Maintain social distancing at all times, both playing and waiting.

Please remember these conditions are for the health of all of us, not just some fancy. The recording of who has played for any future contact tracing is vital as ensuring we learn if anyone subsequently suffers from Coronavirus.

Peter Cotton, the Club Safeguarding Officer, should be contacted if there are any issues of any sort. ‭


We intend for the side gate to be unlocked before 10.30am and locked again from 8 to 8.30pm.

The recording of who has played is important in the Government’s plans for any tracing of contacts.

Maintain social distancing at all times.

The jack will need regular sanitizing and you must be careful about touching your face etc as is stressed to us continuously nowadays.

We will be putting a notice covering these points on the glass of the conservatory so that members can see these points when going to play.

We cannot stress enough the importance of following these government conditions if we are to be allowed to continue playing any level of bowls and indeed if we are to progress to phase two with more freedom,



Hopefully, this message finds you and your family still in good health.  Whilst this lockdown is still very necessary it does feel a little as though we are missing out as the events should just be starting for this year but the club is still closed and empty.

As a club, we have always supported and helped other members and so we would like to remind you that if you are struggling or feeling isolated then the club and its members are still here.  As such we just wanted to remind you that you can contact us. 

District Club Committee   

From the president

To all members,

We are all facing difficult times and some members may be finding daily life more trying than others. If you live alone or need help of any kind please ring me on 07770499631. You will appreciate my help is very limited but I don’t want any member to feel more isolated than we actually are.

​​​​​​​It has been decided to close the bowling green from today until further notice.

Stay safe till we meet again at the club.

The President

District Club Closure


Following the government announcements today the District Club will be closed to members until further notice.  

The side gate will be left unlocked to allow access to the bowling green only but there will be no access to other facilities (including jacks & mats).

This is not an ideal position but we need to play our part in fighting the current pandemic.

District Club Council


Note to all Members
18th MARCH 2020


We are beginning to receive more definite advice, particularly instructions as to how Clubs such as ourselves should handle the present situation.

People are being advised to avoid social venues for a period of at least 12 weeks because of the gathering together of people. We do not have to close the Club and, given the way the Club is used, with one or two playing snooker or something similar at a time members can continue to use the club at their own risk for snooker and social bowls. We would expect members to follow basic guidelines with an emphasis on handwashing and physical distance. Members over 70 need to be aware of specific government instructions for their age group.

As for scheduled club events, these will be postponed until such time as the current guidance is relaxed and it is appropriate for us once again to have larger-scale functions within the club.

There are a number of points to consider.

1. It may be difficult to keep milk and such like continuously available.
2. The Ladies Bridge Club has closed for at least a month
3. The BCGBA has announced that all leagues and competition under its authority are suspended.
4. I have no information at the moment about the snooker league but would be surprised if it continues at the present.

I am sorry to have to write in this way but am sure you all understand the need.

District Club Council

Corona Virus

The District Club is currently open but we ask members to ensure that they follow current advice and wash their hands regularly with soap and water, catch coughs and sneezes and try to avoid direct contact.

Any member who is currently ill or has been recently ill is asked to stay away from the club to avoid spreading any infections to other members.

Xmas Draw 2019 Results

NoItemTicket NoWinner
1President’s Hamper3249Ian McClay
2Shortbread Melts + Fudge2888Mike Hill
3Thornton’s Christmas Chocolates1419Neil Plummer
4Eleven in One Multi-tool2326Bill Hughes
5Pannettone4908Doug Shearer
6Bayliss & Harding Gin Bubbles1095Bob Davies
7Marmalade Set2357Brian Eccles
8Thermal Mug360Gary Cook
9Red Wine – Shiraz4475Gary Cook
10Claymore Scotch Whisky3947Peter Twigg
11Shortbread Melts + Fudge363Gary Cook
12Wine Glass/Bottle Holder3527Colin Hird
13Power Charger3416Brian Hurt
14Eleven in One Multi-tool4482Gary Cook
15Wooden Alarm Clock4372Tom Scrafton
16Bayliss & Harding Ginger & Lime2747Bob Davies
17Diary & Pen3837Mark Sharples
18White Wine – Sauvignon Blanc1776Eddie Nicholas
19Wireless Bluetooth Key Finder4484Joe Cross
20Champagne2702Bob Davies
21Vodka24Dave Warwick
22Shortbread Melts + Fudge2997Richard Cook
23Multitool1107Bob Davies
24Men’s Infinity Belt4612Tom Scrafton
25Marmalade Set1987David Hudson
26Eleven in One Multi-tool4503Eddie Oates
27Pannettone144Dave Warwick
28Red Wine – Valencia5017Neil Plummer
29Bayliss & Harding Gin Bubbles209Ken Harpham
30Thermal Mug3926Peter Cotton
31Grants Whisky310Phil Axon
32Shortbread Melts + Fudge1009Bob Davies
33Whisky Stones223Dave Lawn
34Wine Glass/Bottle Holder3494Steve Denny
35World’s Best Bottle Opener1793Eddie Nicholas
36White Wine – Pilpoul de Pinet872Neil Plummer
37Eleven in One Multi-tool4563George Lees
38Bayliss & Harding Ginger & Lime1044Bob Davies
39Multitool5009Neil Plummer
40Diary & Pen4861Tom Scrafton
41Champagne4556George Lees
42Brandy – Soberano819Andrew Wilson
43Shortbread Melts + Fudge2825Adrian Bromiley
44Rope Bottle Stand591Peter Twigg
45Thornton’s Christmas Chocolates906Andrew Wilson
46Marmalade Set3793Colin Hird
47Red Wine – Roussillon1365Rod Sugden
48Bayliss & Harding Gin Bubbles4980Dave Warwick
49Eleven in One Multi-tool3138Peter Fielding
50Thermal Mug1896Peter Hulme
51Pannettone1689Terry Fisher
52Ballantines Whisky938Andrew Wilson
53Shortbread Melts + Fudge1293Bob Davies
54Multitool1038Bob Davies
55Wine Glass/Bottle Holder749David Christopher
56Prosecco3777Colin Hird
57Wardwolf Men Thin Wallet1642Andrew Wilson
58Bayliss & Harding Ginger & Lime2866Mike Hill
59Diary & Pen1319Neil Plummer
60Eleven in One Multi-tool4494Gary Cook
61Garden Tool Set4411Joe Cross
62Champagne1827Peter Cotton
63Vodka554Peter Cotton
64Shortbread Melts + Fudge1927Terry Fisher
65Marmalade Set4053Terry Fisher
66Red Wine – Montepulciano1148Bob Davies
67World’s Best Bottle Opener914Andrew Wilson
68Bayliss & Harding Gin Bubbles243Dave Lawn
69Multitool682Peter Fielding
70Thermal Mug501John Bentham
71Eleven in One Multi-tool3127Peter Fielding
72Teachers Whisky2223Ken Harpham
73Shortbread Melts + Fudge3316Eddie Nicholas
74White Wine – Sauvignon Blanc3916Peter Cotton
75Wine Glass/Bottle Holder653Peter Fielding
76Wooden Alarm Clock3559Peter Twigg
77Pannettone995Ken Harpham
78Bayliss & Harding Ginger & Lime5091Neil Plummer
79Red Wine – Shiraz4799Rod Sugden
80Rope Bottle Stand2453Mick Pollard
81Eleven in One Multi-tool3771Colin Hird
82Champagne1755Neil Plummer
83Torres Brandy1054Bob Davies
84Shortbread Melts + Fudge2643Bob Davies
85Multitool3111Peter Fielding
86Thornton’s Christmas Chocolates1112Bob Davies
87White Wine – Sauvignon Blanc3670John Hill
88Marmalade Set2389Brian Eccles
89Bayliss & Harding Gin Bubbles2350Bill Hughes
90Diary & Pen3451Steve Denny
91Thermal Mug3937Peter Fielding
92Eleven in One Multi-tool2911Neil Plummer
93Vodka3964Brian Hurt
94Shortbread Melts + Fudge211Dave Warwick
95Whisky Stones535John Bentham
96Wine Glass/Bottle Holder173Simon Cotton
97World’s Best Bottle Opener1955David Hudson
98Bayliss & Harding Ginger & Lime3068Peter Fielding
99Wine962Ken Harpham
100Multitool1849Peter Cotton
101Wireless Bluetooth Key Finder751Joe Cross
102Pannettone545John Bentham
103Champagne2384Brian Eccles
104Eleven in One Multi-tool3792Colin Hird
105Shortbread Melts + Fudge4144John Bentham
106Diary & Pen3225Ian McClay
107Marmalade Set5004Neil Plummer
108Men’s Infinity Belt2865Mike Hill
109Wine Glass/Bottle Holder297Gary Cook
110Bayliss & Harding Gin Bubbles3829Mark Sharples
111Wardwolf Men Thin Wallet4374Tom Scrafton
112Red Wine4293Rod Sugden
SwapMultitool2103Ian McClay
SwapCollected on night3937Peter Fielding
SwapCollected on night2396Neil Plummer
SwapCollected on night4580George Lees
SwapCollected on night3911Peter Fielding