Xmas Draw results

Thanks to all those who entered this year, please find below a list of the prizes and winners.

No Item Ticket No Winner
1 Blackpool FC Hospitality Voucher 5645 Tom Scrafton
2 Mini Hamper 5359 Matt Lawson
3 Gift Bag “A” 5430 Matt Lawson
4 Harrods Red Wine 2170 Graham Sloan
5 Guylian Chocolates 1841 Brian Eccles
6 Pandoro 3568 Richard Germaine
7 Champagne 1639 John Palser
8 Bell’s Whisky 4585 Peter Cotton
9 Cockburn’s Port 1000 Ken Harpham
10 Fire HD 8 Tablet 949 President
11 Gift Bag “B” 4294 Tom Scrafton
12 Harrods White Wine 2734 David Hudson
13 Panettone 5534 Joe Cross
14 Thorntons Christmas Asst Chocolates 2932 Tom Scrafton
15 Champagne 4756 Rod Sugden
16 Bottle of Glen’s Vodka 4395 Adrian Bromiley
17 Grand Palais Medoc Red Wine 5825 Peter Twigg
18 Gift Bag “A” 3724 Peter Hulme
19 Book – Jeremy Clarkson 1470 Brian Hurt
20 Cinema Tickets with Popcorn Experience 2075 Andrew Wilson
21 Franciacorta 5662 Andrew Wilson
22 Pandoro 217 Neil Plummer
23 Harrods Red Wine 4379 Adrian Bromiley
24 Baileys 5421 Matt Lawson
25 Gift Bag “B” 3767 Peter Bland
26 Guylian Chocolates 803 John Bentham
27 Gordon’s Gin 1790 Peter Fielding
28 Tasting for Two Choice Voucher 1824 Brian Eccles
29 Champagne 3191 Eddie Oates
30 Harrods White Wine 1166 Andrew Wilson31 Panettone 5599 Joe Cross
32 Metaxa 5251 Fred Brown
33 Gift Bag “A” 3818 George Lees
34 Jack Daniels 4333 Eddie Nicholas
35 Bourgogne Gamay Red Wine 1766 Peter Fielding
36 Franciacorta 1040 President
37 Echo Dot Speaker with Alexa 4481 Neil Plummer
38 Book – Concorde 5922 Martin Wragg
39 Lindt Creation Dessert Chocolates 3887 George Lees
40 Pandoro 3259 Tom Scrafton
41 Gift Bag “B” 1265 Bob Davies
42 Harrods Red Wine 3008 Gerald Thompson
43 Framous Grouse Whisky 1182 Andrew Wilson
44 Champagne 5734 Rod Sugden
45 Taylor’s Port 1022 President
46 Panettone 1484 Brian Hurt
47 Tassimo Coffee Machine 4181 Andrew Wilson
48 Harrods White Wine 5783 Nigel Dempsey
49 Gift Bag “A” 2986 Peter Twigg
50 Guylian Chocolates 5410 Matt Lawson
51 Pandoro 1937 Ken Harpham
52 Champagne 1864 Tom Scrafton
53 Smirnoff Vodka 1739 Fred Brown
54 Chateau Neuf Du Pape Red Wine 1130 John Palser
55 Gift Bag “B” 4803 Tom Scrafton
56 Fundador Brandy 4052 Peter Fielding
57 Book – HM Queen Elizabeth 967 Ken Harpham
58 Italian Job Mini Cooper Ride 2915 Tom Scrafton
59 Franciacorta 4849 John Bentham
60 Thorntons Continental Asst Chocolates 605 Tom Scrafton
61 Covanegra Red Wine 1850 Brian Eccles62 Bellingham Pinotage Red Wine 1673 Mark Shortell
63 Glen Moray Single Malt 4521 Peter Cotton
64 Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 4595 Peter Cotton
65 Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 2391 Tom Scrafton
66 Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 4021 Dave Warwick
67 Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 159 Peter Fielding (*)
68 Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 4255 Tom Scrafton
69 Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 712 Mark Shortell
SWAP Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 3016 Gerald Thompson
SWAP Dandy/Beano Albums 263 Brendon Bremner
SWAP Jeremy Clarkson Book 296 Brendon Bremner
SWAP Large Oval Plate 1016 President
SWAP Soap Set, Notebook, Wine Gift Bag 3978 Dave Warwick
(*) This prize was redrawn at the end courtesy of Peter Fielding and was won by
Dave Warwick
The last five prizes were from the swap table, so if you see your item
listed earlier, it means that the person who won it originally swapped
it for something else. We do not keep a record of swaps during the
Special thanks are due to Peter Cotton and Ian McClay for their
generosity in donating prizes.

Bowling Green Update

A huge amount of work has gone into the bowling green, the improvement is visible already so we must give thanks to those members who have put in many hours to get us to this stage.  Some members have asked for an update as to when the green will be open again and the current advice from those doing the work on the green is “The Green is closed for continuing maintenance until Thursday 1st December”.  We will provide further updates closer to the time but if the weather holds it looks like we may be able to reopen then.

AGM 2022

The 2022 AGM will be held on the 2nd of December 2022 starting at 6:30 pm. Papers will be sent to members in due course. As usual, the AGM will include the investiture of the new President and the announcement of the new Vice President along with hot food for all attendees.

Presidents Day 2022

This year’s Presidents Day will happen on the 9th of July starting at 12:30pm. It will feature the usual Bowls, Snooker, Dominoes & Buffet. Once again in parallel will be the Ladies Lunch held in St Annes for partners of club members. The signup details for both are on the main club noticeboard.

In the evening following Presidents Day, we will once again be having the After Party for members and their guests. This will feature some guest entertainment and the usual socialising.

Vice Presidents Day 2022

Vice Presidents Day will be on the 11th of June 2022, please join Peter Mcdevitt to help celebrate his Vice Presidency with an afternoon of Snooker, Bowls, Dominoes & Food. Signup on the club noticeboard by the 10th of June.

There will once again be a Ladies’ lunch held for partners held at LePatio St Annes in parallel to the day event. Details on the email and club noticeboard.

The day will be followed by the now traditional afterparty held at the District Club.

Xmas Draw Results

Following a very successful night here is the list of winners

NoItemTicket NoWinner
1Le Patio Restaurant Voucher4524Neil Plummer
2Tassimo Coffee Machine2051Dave Warwick
3Cadburys Selection3312Ian McClay
4Panettone1947Peter Farrow
5Famous Grouse Whisky4244Gerald Thompson
6Telescope6212Joe Cross
7Iced Christmas Cake475Dave Lawn
8Sangre de Toto Red Wine1164Andrew Wilson
9Lindt Festive Selection5888Colin Hurd
10Champagne3777Eddie Oates
11Tea Set & Thompson’s Tea2757Rod Sugden
123d Wooden Puzzle – Band Gun5532Peter Hulme
13Parker Pen & Notebook899Peter Twigg
14Toblerone + Yule Log2639Bob Davies
15Majestat Brandy5599John Bennett
16Pandoro3247Peter Twigg
17Gillette Skinguard Set741Dave Lawn
18Fitness Watch123Joe Cross
19Vino Nobile di Mont Red Wine3222Peter Twigg
20Pink Champagne2866Bob Davies
21Cadburys Selection717Dave Lawn
22Cake Gift Box4701Richard Cook
23Vina Sol & 2 Small Panettone5867Colin Hurd
24Humberpaul Security Wallet5041Brian Eccles
25Bells Whisky2170Ian McClay
26Chile Merlot Red Wine657Andrew Wilson
27Parker Pen & Notebook4817Martin Wragg
28Guylian Chocolates5039Brian Eccles
29Panettone4137John Hill
30English Sparkling Wine1204Joe Cross
31Mini Mobile4373Neil Plummer
32Dartington Whisky Tumblers5138Tom Stratton
33Soap Set, Bath Oil & Luffa Sponge3133Bob Davies
34Lindt Festive Selection3001Bob Davies
35Gordon’s London Gin1675Peter Farrow
36Smartphone Projector5803Colin Hurd
37Chateau Breillan Red Wine1142Joe Cross
383d Wooden Puzzle – Ball Run1734Peter Farrow
39Coffee Set3301Ian McClay
40Champagne812Graham Sloan
41Toblerone + Yule Log352Peter Fielding
42Toolkit3188Ian McClay
43Pandoro81Peter Cotton
44Cake Gift Box5490Brian Eccles
45Whyte & Mackay Whisky4301Peter McDivett
46Parker Pen & Notebook938Rod Sugden
47Cadburys Selection2344Graham Sloan
48Dominoes & Cards1034Ian McClay
49Cockburn’s Port2326Eddie Nicholas
50Pink Champagne5277Tom Stratton
51Allegria Restaurant Voucher5344Martin Wragg
52Vina Sol & 2 Small Panettone5528Peter Fielding
53Guylian Chocolates2156Ian McClay
54Cribbage2382Bill Hughes
55Vodka4080Steve Denny
56Gillette Proglide Set1803Gary Cook
57Panettone2915Rod Sugden
58Parker Pen & Notebook4616Steve Singleton
59Chianti Magnum Red Wine1633Rod Sugden
60English Sparkling Wine914Rod Sugden
61Tumbling Tower979Ken Harpham
62Cadburys Selection3219Peter Twigg
63Vue Cinema Tickets for Two2510John Bentham
64Weather Set2661Eddie Oates
65Famous Grouse Whisky6416Tom Stratton
66Cake Gift Box3016Bob Davies
67Lindt Festive Selection888Peter Twigg
68Jigsaw Puzzle & Jigsaw Mat4432Steve Denny
69Dartington Brandy Glass3209Peter Twigg
70Champagne709Dave Lawn
71Pandoro956Ken Harpham
72Gordon Ramsay Intenso Red Wine4447Steve Denny
73Parker Pen & Notebook1274Peter Farrow
74Phone Power Bank3377David Hudson
75Soberano Brandy4797Richard Cook
76Toblerone + Yule Log3945Ron Spencer
77Soap Set, Bath Oil & Luffa Sponge1851Peter Farrow
78Hot Chocolate Set4991Neil Plummer
79Guylian Chocolates2715Bob Davies
80Pink Champagne5127Tom Stratton
81Groov-e Fusion Headphones4730Richard Cook
82Gillette Mach 3 Set784Dave Curran
83Faustino 1 Rioja Red Wine4127John Hill
84Panettone3443Mark Sharples
85Bells Whisky3481David Hudson
86Cadburys Selection5028Brian Eccles
87Vina Sol & 2 Small Panettone1917Peter Farrow
88Cake Gift Box6264Barrie Cartmell
89Parker Pen & Notebook4348Peter McDivett
90English Sparkling Wine2046Dave Warwick
91Guylian Chocolates2Peter Twigg
92Taylor’s Port6135Tom Stratton
93LED Umbrella3094Bob Davies
94Vodka5573John Bennett
95Helicopter Ride2297Bill Hughes
96Swap1404Ken Harpham
97Swap5015Brian Eccles
98Swap5507Peter Fielding
99Swap2499Adrian Bromley
100Swap4766Joe Cross
101Swap4218Gerald Thompson
102Swap407John Bentham
103Swap3336Ian McClay

Vice Presidents Day

Vice Presidents Day is coming. Following on from a very enjoyable Presidents Day 2021 Vice Presidents Day will be on the 7th August, please signup on the club notice board by the 4th August. Once again there will also be an After Party in the evening.

This year in parallel to Vice Presidents Day there will be a Ladies Lunch held at Fifty Four in St Annes which is open to all partners of club members. Please contact Sarah Plummer or the Vice President to confirm if your partner would like to attend.