Annual Snooker Match with Lytham Bowling Club

This annual match for the Thwaites Trophy took place on the 28th March at the District Club. The match took place between 6 pairs with the District Club winning 4 – 2 to maintain our perfect record in this competition.

Winning pairs were

Joe Cross with George Lees
Steve Denny with Sid Drummond
Peter Mitcham with Rod Sugden
Jon Palser with John Burslam

Bingo Quiz 13th March

Last year President, Peter Farrow, felt a new event was necessary during the gloomy days of March and came up with his ‘Winter Warmer”.

This year John Sharples and Steve Denny felt an event was again appropriate and decided upon a ‘Bingo Quiz”

This involved conventional bingo cards with the numbers called by Steve and John asking general knowledge quiz questions every two numbers. Members were in teams of two or three.

Altogether two full rounds of Bingo were played won by Adrian Bromiley and Gary Cook, while 60 General Knowledge questions were asked in two sessions. The Quiz was won by a team of Eddie Oates, Derek Griggs and Adrian Marriette, with a score of 43 out of 60.

Altogether a very well organised event with food supplied by Peter Mitcham and sponsored by the President and Vice President. Thanks to them from all who attended.

President John and Vice President Steve in full action.

Bingo Quiz Thursday 13th March

Most of you will remember Peter Farrow’s innovative extra event, ‘The Winter Warmer’ last March. This has been a challenge for this year’s President, John Sharples, and working with Vice President, Steve Denny, they have together come up with the Bingo Quiz.

This is their description of the proposed event. Please support this if you can



Bingo Quiz

Yes- it’s Bingo and a Quiz combined
With hot food in the middle
Thursday 13th March     7-30pm start
Free entry for all District Club members
Amazing prizes for Bingo and for the Quiz
Teams of 2 or 3 players – Decide beforehand or on the night
Free Bingo Pen – for you to keep as a memento of this unique event
The list for names is on the notice board next to the bar
A bit of fun guaranteed

Fylde Council Environmental Health (Food)

Towards the end of January the Secretary received questionnaire from Fylde Council enquiring in considerable detail about the club’s practices and attitude to the supply of food. The initial reaction was to ignore it since we do not in our opinion act as any form of restaurant or supply food as an activity.

In the end the questionnaire was sent back trying to make this point.

Subsequently two officials arrived unexpectedly on the 30th January for a surprise inspection.

This was an unfortunate choice of date since the leak from the pipe under the kitchen floor had been identified and fixed, but the hole in the floor remained. The Inspectors were tempted to close the kitchen (and bar) because of this, but in the end gave us eight weeks to sort this out.

The inspection confirmed that keeping as much as a bottle of milk in the fridge put us within their auspices and we have been told to keep a daily record of temperatures in the main fridge and the smaller one keeping “butties’, this latter small fridge need constant attentions since it should not hold food unless its temperature is below 8 degrees and it has little or no adjustment mechanism.

Other concerns covered the general tidiness of the bar area.

Most of the items have already had some attention, particular thanks to the President for quickly painting the shelves below the bar. More electric points have been put in to avoid so many adaptors and trailing wires.

On the negative side this inspection has resulted in a low rating of 2 on the National Food Hygene Rating Scheme ( from the guidelines it looks like we would have achieved at least a 4 without the hole in the floor. Whilst this is of little concern given our non-service and preparation of food, it has been published on the Council Website and may get picked up by members or third parties.

Sid and his House Committee have all this in hand working closely with Council.

Storm on the 12th February

Anybody living on the Fylde will not need to be told that we had one of the strongest storms to hit the area overnight on the 12th February.

It will be no surprise that the the Club suffered some damage given the direction of the storm. The fence between the Car Park and the Bowling Green has been largely destroyed with the concrete posts left standing. The solid area will be rebuilt with gaps to allow wind passage and the other pieces probably fixed on the west side of the posts so that wind will force them against the posts.

We have also lost further slates from the roof and Council will now have to consider whether a larger effort is necessary to fix these and to what extent a claim is made on insurance.

Besides this the green even suffered some damage from the unexpected arrival of much of someone’s flat roof which cut into the area usually favoured by worms. Thanks to Joe Cross and Steve Denny for reviving the debris so quickly.

Arnold Whitworth Trophy

February 6th saw the annual
snooker match against Lytham Yacht Club for the Arnold Whitworth
This is a long standing fixture. Played
on an annual basis with the tally of wins very close between the
clubs. Last year’s match played at Lytham saw a narrow defeat by
three matches to two.
Wev were therefore pleased to get off
to a strong start with Sid Drummond and Peter Mitcham winning 58 to
17 aginst D Guyer and R Slater. Sid now seems to have finally lost
his run of years unable to win in this fixture.
The second match saw Bob Davies and
Paul Friberg record a 65 to 12 win against S Coupe and G Thompson.
This was followed by the closest match of all which saw Jon Palser
and Roy Champken just get through by 48 to 39 against M Bradshaw and
T Stuttard.
After this the two final matches also
went in our favour with Joe Cross and Barry Bagot beating T Batho and
A Wilson by 68 to 30, and finally President John Sharples, playing
with Vice President, Steve Denny, beating J Lord and M Rudd by 69 to


An exceptional if unusual result with a win by 5
matches to Nil to recover the trophy.