Latest Roof News

I would like to bring members up to date with news on the roof project.

Following the EGM all members were contacted on the basis of making small loans without interest as concluded at the meeting. After two weeks, the response had reached half the amount needed but had clearly stalled.

Council met and decided that members should have some recompense for the loans and decided that compensation for interest in the form of a reduction in the annual subscription should be offered to members.

Following this the response has been much better and we have now just about reached our initial target.

We have a suitable quotation from our roofing contractor to cover the roof and remove the central chimney, and are currently looking at the total reconstruction of the roof in a new thin edged tile that closely resembles a slate roof. This would allow us to sell of many of the undamaged slates.

The project is likely to be carried out in August/September.

At this time we are looking into ways of restoring the rear wall of the Club, where the rendering is failing at the same time taking advantage of the scaffolding.

End of a Era

One of the constants for the Club has been the work carried out by Sid Drummond over many years, showing a unequalled mastery in wood. The rebuilding of the fence between the Car Park and the green since the storm in February is just a recent example.

Sid has however told Council that he will be leaving the the post of Chairman with immediate effect on medical advice. This will bring to an end over 32 years of Council involvement, probably an achievement that will never be equalled, particularly if the amount of work carried out is also factored in to the calculation.

Fortunately for the Club we will still have his guidance and he will continue helping to supervise the roof project

Look around the Club

If you are outside the club there are a number of things worthy of your attention.

The small retaining wall between the terrace and the green has been reconstructed with the efforts of the labourers given as a donation by Peter Mitcham, with the Club paying for the materials.

The bowling green is looking and playing as well as most members can remember and the is a real tribute to Steve Denny’s work. His efforts have not ended there, as he has also placed over 150 plants in the far border and is currently working on the north side of the green. The planters on the terrace are now also in full bloom thanks to him and he worked hard in clearing much of the debris.

Let us hope he has a Vice-President’s Day to remember.

Extraordinary General Meeting 2nd May 2014

33 members attended the EGM on Friday the 2nd May. The problem of the roof condition was explained to all members and discussion took place over the possible ways finance could be raised.

A letter or email will be sent to all members following the meeting with details of the conclusions reached.

If any member does not receive a letter could he contact the Secretary

District Registry Snooker Team

Our Wednesday night snooker team that takes part in the local Civil Service League under the District Registry name reached the final of the league knockout competition.

The final took place at Poulton on a neutral table at Poulton where unfortunately we were beaten 4 matches to 2

Spring Open 2014

The Spring Open on the 26th April saw a smaller entry than usual with 15 members taking part, but still saw a late finish because of some close matches.

The Dominoes was won by Eddie Nicholas who beat Phil Axon in the final.

Both the bowls and snooker finals involved Rod Sugden who beat Chairman, Sid Drummond after a close Snooker Final.

Because of the lat finish of this final the Bowls Final between Rod and Gerald Thompson was deferred to another date.

Extraordinary General Meeting Called for 2 May.

Council have agreed the calling of an EGM for the evening of Friday the 2nd May for members to discuss the problems with the roof following the storm in February. Papers including a discussion document covering the options have now been sent to all members. This is the actual notice sent out.

7 APRIL 2014
Extraordinary General Meeting
Notice is hereby given that an
Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club will be held at the Club Premises on
Friday 2nd May 2014 at 7.30pm prompt, at which your attendance is cordially
This meeting is to consider the club’s
options following the recent storm damage to the roof and the need to look at
longer term solutions as outlined in the attached discussion document.
By order of the Council
A Marriette
Adrian Marriette


Company Secretary

2013 Bowls Singles Final

Saturday afternoon saw the playing of the delayed 2013 bowls singles final between Jon Palser and Joe Cross.

Members watching saw a very high quality final between skilled players. Initially Joe took a good lead, but this was clawed back.

Jon Palser finally pulled the match back to 20 all and then gained the last two points to triumph at 22 – 20.