Bowls - Fylde District South

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Bowls Handicaps for Club Saturday events

Updated handicaps for club events are given on the link below
Given the time since these have been fully used, the system is described below.
The handicaps of the players are established and the net handicap calculated.
If the match is 11 up the net handicap is divided by two with the result rounded down.
The match will start at 0 - 0 But one player will require a greater score to win the match.
Player A +3 Player B - 2
net handicap 5 difference 3 rounded down to 2
match starts at 0 - 0,
but player A needs to score 11 to win, while Player B requires 13


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Andy Wilson

Section for Captains Notes. Captain pending

David Warwick

Section for Captains notes David Warwick Currently Captain

Peter Fielding

Section provided for Captains notes Captain pending

Joe Cross

Who fancies following Joe?

Brian Hurt

Captains Notes awaiting captain Brian Hurt

Eddy Oates

Hi Eddy How about a few words of wisdom?

Joe Cross

Who fancies following Joe?

St. Annes District Club: 262 Clifton Drive South, St-Anne’s-on-the-Sea, Lancashire, FY8 1NE.